When it comes to food, we mean business! Book your table in our restaurant and leave everything else to Chef Erik.

We welcome you all year round in the greenery of the outdoor terrace.

Breakfast is organized for camp guests.



Restaurant Termika offers you unforgettable gourmet indulgences from local ingredients with a touch of playful flavors.

Enjoy carefully prepared multi-course menus: meat, fish and vegan, among other dishes, prepared by the young team.

We complement the unforgettable culinary experience with excellent local wines.

We look forward to your visit.

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Our dishes

Cold appetizers

"Sashimi" tuna in an orange wrapper, smoked tomato oil, oranges cooked in gin and pepper

16 €

Beef carpaccio, candied egg yolk with rosemary, black truffle, rocket sprouts

16 €

Ceviche ombrine, cherry juice reduction, watermelon, crab chips, "cherry smoke"

16 €

Homemade cheese aged with Pilon brandy, wrapped in fragrant lavender

40 €

Warm appetizers

Noodles, ghee with truffle, condensed yolk, fresh truffle

19 €

Ravioli stuffed with pesto from spruce tops and goat's albumen curd, pea cream, pickled spruce tops, shiitake mushrooms

17 €

Noodles, rarog, garlic paste, poached yellow tomato, chilli, wacame seaweed

19 €

Fried oysters, goat yogurt, basil oil, "popcorn" pork

18 €

Main dishes

Poached trout, cream of caramelized carrots, shiitake mushrooms, butter lime sauce, cumin oil, potato "popcorn"

24 €

Fried octopus, pea cream, charred baby vegetables, buckwheat popcorn, sumac, cold terano liqueur

25 €

Beef wellington wrapped in truffle and cognac, potato cream, charred colorful baby carrots, demi-glace

27 €

Slow-cooked quail breast, polenta with tahini, cold baby turnips marinated in raspberry vinegar with chili, demi-glace, tarragon oil

24 €


Sashimi trout marinated in salt and sugar, trout roe, trout soup, castor oil

10 €


Caramelized crunch, lime mousse with basil, strawberry jam, salted caramel with peanuts

9 €

Almond biscuit, hazelnut ganache, pear cooked in gin with pear puree, roasted almonds, lavender and gin aroma

9 €

Glazed mousse, hazelnut biscuit, cherry sauce with lime, freeze-dried raspberries, 24 carat gold

10 €

Tasting menu

Dear guests! Welcome to our “storm of flavors”. To make it easier for you to experience our mission, we suggest that you trust us and choose one of the menus below.

3-course menu

40 €

4-course menu

45 €

5-course menu

50 €

6-course menu

57 €

7-course menu

65 €

The discovery of a dish contributes more to people's happiness than the discovery of a new star.

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


Opening Time​

Thursday, Friday, Saturday | 12.00 – 22.00
Sunday| 12.00 – 22.00

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Committed to excellence


Termika Team

The philosophy of Gostilna TERMIKA is clear: “To shorten the menu and achieve maximum freshness with local seasonal dishes.”

Gostilna Termika is an excellent venue for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, business meetings, new years and meetings of closed companies, and the space can also be used to organize events.



Local is trendy

Choose your dish – after experiencing the many activities available to you in Park Lijak, it’s time to relax in the Termika inn, where attractive local dishes are available for a snack, lunch or dinner. Taste top Slovenian cuisine and upgrade it with one of the many Slovenian wines (100+) we have on offer.